e X T i N C T

web development company specializing in bespoke software solutions


every project has unique requirements

we write software from scratch, tailor made to client needs

from simple websites, to complex web applications

we value security, performance, correctness, low resource footprint, simplicity, minimal dependencies, no vendor lock-in

this translates to software that just works, is easy to maintain and debug, extremely flexible to future changes and cheap to run at large scale


iNK - rss feed reader for e-readers - devices like kobo, kindle e.t.c.. EasyBalance - a sass product that automates balance sheet closing rust library for composing html eGUESTS - a website builder specifically designed for event planning brutalist websites marks - bookmark manager - save and organize web articles and bookmarks from a variety of devices implemented as a progressive web app installable on mobile devices - free to use road work inspections and maintenance - a gis cloud solution for managing road inspections and maintenance for the directorate general of development planning, environment and infrastructures of region of central macedonia. html rust library a text editor that runs on the browser. developed for in-house usage


NailIN - website for a nail salon development and administration of the new version of theseis, one of the oldest greek magazines in the political space - this is an ongoing project, not yet finished art gallery for a visual artist website and podcast hosting for a psychotherapist website for a cinematographer’s work on the greek island of chios website for a cinematographer’s work on roma women personal website for a photographer online marketplace for nailartists educational video platform for an educational facility that specializes in nailart website and ecommerce for an educational facility that specializes in nailart
e X T i N C T
private company
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